Monday, February 4, 2013

Season Two Moonshiners.

Lets start at the beginning. The Producers of the show had contact with some folks in the Maggie Valley area. My name came up. The producers called me and in a very short time we started filming a new show for the Discovery channel. The show premiered as the highest rated show in Discovery Channel history.. 2.83 million people sat down to watch the first episode of season one.

I get asked all the time. "How do I get some of your 'Shine.?
Before the show first aired it was common for me to have some with me. I would meet up with other bike riders at events and a good time was always had.. As the show has reached this level of popularity, I don't take the chances anymore.. I'm on the road. I don't have 8 days at home to make a batch.
I will say this.. If you want moonshine,,, make your own. there is plenty of good information on the web about making it in your own kitchen. I get asked for my recipe all the time. I liken it more to a "Moonshine cocktail". I just add pure apple juice to the 'shine. add an apple slice for looks and a cinnamon stick for taste.. mix to taste. I started mixing it this way because straight shine is not for everybody.. I would mix depending on what kind of drinkers I would be around.. and yes. you can do the same with any alcohol. Its just not the same..
what is the difference between Moonshine and what they are selling at the likker store... TAXES. Moonshine is untaxed white likker. If Moonshine is taxed then it's just white likker that is being marketed as moonshine.

People ask me all the time about the other people on the show... I have never met them. Through the magic of editing I was able to do my own thing. With my own camera crew I was able to keep my own filming schedule. This year I filmed in NC, Utah and Colorado. I had no control over how they edited it all together. Some of what they did didn't make sense to me. They included some of the film from last year into season two.. As for the bikes I was riding.. I rode my CB750 chopper to the Iowa Grand Rally where I worked with Jay Allen in organizing the event. I was the Road Captain and the Director of Fun. From Iowa I went straight to Sturgis to Work that rally with Jay as well. I left Sturgis heading to Bonneville for filming. It was my plan to do the filming on the chopper but fate said no. My motor blew up 75 miles from Bonneville and I had to borrow a chopper from a friend for filming.. My chopper got hauled to L.A. and I hopped a train to get back east. Thats why you saw the different bikes. All counted we did around 28hrs of film for about 13 minutes of TV. Yes I got paid. Not what I was promised but I did get paid. I also got paid for mileage. I had 7800miles involved and I got paid to ride my motorcycles. Last year I put a little over 52,000 miles on the road. 11,000 of that was on the chopper in 4 months. My 2002 Honda VTX 1800r now has 148k on it and its still rolling strong. I think I need to retire it for a while. It has become quite popular with Law Enforcement.. lol

Below is a list of questions that I'm often asked.. 

 I think I've answered most of these..
There is a reason I am not in Jail. I have not been caught. I do not consent to the unconstitutional search of my person or vehicle. Now if a cop were to collect a quart from me as evidence then the prosecutor could use the TV footage as proof of an illegal enterprise. RICO sucks. Because of those facts, some of the filming is season two was done with water in a jug.. There have been legal issues but I am glad to say that all my time behind bars has been on a motorcycle.
Through editing and the narrator they made you believe that this scene was in Missouri. Actually it was at the wedding in Aspen. They also made it seem like I got there just in the nick of time, did the toast and then hit the road.. In all truth, I was there for 4days and we had a ball.

One of the lines from the show that they used in the intro's was me saying. "I live on the edge of Anarchy". It was edited. what I actually said was "I live on the edge of Nashville Tn.".  It's the magic of Television and whether you believe the show is real or not really doesn't matter. I use to get bent when I'd see a comment like "thats not real". I don't anymore. I want you to know this. If you saw the show, there is a strong possibility that you saw it before I did. Hell, I didn't even know what episodes I would be on..

I hope you enjoyed.
until we meet again.

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