Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sheepdogs, Wolves and Sheep.

"Don't give up the Sheep" was the first in a series of cartoons that Warner Bros. Looney Toons first aired on January 3rd. 1953.

Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog are the two main characters who meet each morning and afternoon for shift change at the time clock on a tree. "Good morning, Ralph". "Mornin Sam". Two workers who know each other and because of that they are amiable to each other. Each episode of the cartoon would show how Ralph the Wolf would do all he could to steal away with as many sheep as he could. Sam the Sheepdog was never to be out done and nary a sheep was ever harmed.

 Ya'll remember. ??? Good and Evil.??? Oh, lets not forget about the innocent. Where there are sheep there will always be wolves. Always been that way. Always will be.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

I call these "Good Men" Sheepdogs.

Summer, 2011. Bonfire, dirtbags and hooligans. Infield of a dirt oval race track in Osborne, Kansas.
  The Twine Ball Run
After the film crew went to their comfy hotel we kept the party goin. The moonshine was flowing as men danced nekkid in the fire. I believe there was a naked man on a motorSickle jumping that bonfire later that evening. I'm not sure. As we partied around that fire I found myself in conversation with a man who was home on leave from his third deployment to the sand box. He is an Army Infantryman and we had plenty to talk about. Every time he would raise his arm to take a drink I would catch a glimpse of a tattoo on his arm.. "Hey, I'd like to look at that tatt". He held up his arm to show me a very cartoonish sheepdog.. Many tattoo's come with a story and this was one that I knew I wanted to hear.. "Would you tell me the story behind that"?

And this is the story as it was told to me.

I've been in the Army for 7 yrs. I have a five yr old son. Because of deployments, I have not spent much time with him. When I do come home he see's me in battle dress. When I leave, he see's me in battle dress. All the pictures he see's of me from the war zone show me in battle dress holding a weapon. My son asked me one day, "Daddy, Why do you have to carry a gun"?
I explained to my son that there are people who need to be protected. I explained that there are sheepdogs that will protect the sheep from the wolves. My son now calls me a sheepdog. I got this tattoo to remind me of what my responsibility is.

There are but three types of people that have ever been on this planet. The Sheep. The wolves and The Sheepdogs... The sheep are the innocents.  The wolves are the predatory ones who seek gain and it is the Sheepdogs who keep the wolves at bay. Take a moment and think about what motivates the sheepdog. It's not like the flock of sheep are gonna carry him around on their shoulders praising him with their adoration.

It has been a difficult weekend for many in America.(including me). Friday morning a wolf attacked the flock in Conn. 26 innocents killed and Millions emotionally wounded. My heart weeps for the living who must continue on and try to find peace. I have heard the rally cries of many different groups. More guns. Less Guns. Mental health advocates. Even the crazies from Topeka's Westboro Baptist Church have announced that they would picket and went so far as to say "God sent the shooter". It is my opinion that ALL of this chatter serves no good purpose but for us to vent out our frustrations. This was not an isolated incident. In the last 20yrs of my life there have been at least that many incidents of Evil. This is and has been a National issue but I don't think that the answer is more laws. I truly believe that the answer is fewer laws. Don't think for a moment that more cops and laws will solve this problem. Police respond. The only crime a cop can prevent is the one he is involved in.

That is what has been going threw my mind. I'm not talking about the armed guard at the door. Sheepdogs can be anyone who has the willpower to take action. You can bet that in the near future we will hear more about the "Red Flags" that popped up with this disturbed young man.. There were people who knew of his problems and did nothing. (when I looked, he had 117 friends on facebook). But thats all about one guy. There is a bigger picture. Our government has imposed so many laws upon us that common people can not do the "Right" thing.

I don't know what the answers are. I know that EVIL will continue. Even with a concealed carry permit, I know that there are laws that will put me in prison for carrying a weapon into a bank, movie theater, shopping mall or a school parking lot. Without any proof of my intent, I could be arrested and jailed for having a weapon. What good is a Sheepdog on a leash.?

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