Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 10 - I road out of Iowa on Monday and was able to get to Central Illinois even in spite of the freshly fallen snow. Along the way I had to stop and put the bike in a truck wash bay to warm it up. The oil was so cold and thick that we it just wasn't helping.

Day 11 - From Central Illinois to Kentucky would usually be a much warmer ride south, but this winter is just brutal all the way around. Would you know it - another snow storm - in Kentucky. The day was cut short as the melting snow began to freeze on the highway lanes late in the day. With two lanes shut down and ice on the roadway, it just wasn't worth the risk.

On Wednesday I am pressing forward to make it at least to central Georgia and from there might be looking forward to a group of riders at the Florida/Georgia line to head back to Daytona with me on Thursday.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 8 - When I woke in West Branch, IA my first order of business was to address the positive post on my battery which had melted. With the help of a friend from the day prior, we went to his shop, found an extra car battery, and rewired the bike to accept the battery. By 11:00 in the morning I was on the road, but it wouldn't be for very long. By the time I reached Walcott, IA around 3:00, I had received notice from my folks in Milwaukee that the snow was starting in force all over again and that my visit would be buried in a blanket of white. The temperature in Walcott when I stopped was 10 degrees and no sooner did I begin to unload my bike than the snow began drifting. I would rest for the day in my meager hotel room and see what tomorrow brings.

Day 9 - From my hotel room I could see the interstate and it was moving at less than a snail's pace. The snow was still thick and roads not clear enough to be safe. I waited until late morning and it didn't seem to be letting up and as I learned the New England area was no better and more snow to come. So it would seem that I would sit still again this day. My hope is great that tomorrow I'll be able to move on through IL, IN, OH, and maybe even PA to MD.

Despite the trials and slow downs, I know that this journey is all about our veterans that have given so much for us and I look forward to the last 4 days until I can celebrate this great adventure with my brethren back in Daytona.

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the why of it all...

this month marks the 73rd annual Daytona bikeweek. Men and women from around the globe have been making the pilgrimage to Daytona Beach. It has only been in the last 15-20yrs that people have been trailering their shit ... I want to describe the difference between the two...
2013.. His plan is to take two weeks vacation. He and his two buddies have been planning this trip for six months. Two weeks before vacation starts they all decide to stop shaving,in preparation for vacation.. Their first day of vacation is spent loading up the RV. Picking up supplies and groceries then going to the HD dealership where the bikes have received fresh oil changes. Their itenerary is to have everything loaded, a good nights sleep and IHOP at 6am.. They have planned every gas stop, restroom break and restaurant they will stop at.. They have a hotel reservation for their stop in Chattanooga. They have a printed registration and map of the campground that they reserved six months ago.. Day three of vacation is the first day they ride their motorcycles to destination Daytona to pick up their commemorative t-shirts..... And their bikeweek begins...
1973. He worked on his bike all night Thursday.. The day before he had split and stacked firewood for a neighbor to earn some extra cash.. His plan is to roll Friday after he gets his check.. That is the whole of his plan. Not because he isn't a planner but more because he knows how the road goes.. He once reserved a hotel room that because of a break down,he couldn't get too.. As he layed beside his broken bike he vowed never to again pay for a room he couldn't use..430pm Friday, paycheck in hand, first stop is to get that thing cashed and then roll..
his friends will meet him at The Boot Hill Saloon. They don't ride together because it's an individuals journey. They will meet up when they get there.. R.J is coming from West Virginia. Stan is coming from Omaha.. Mark is coming from Pittsburgh. Joes coming from Dallas. When they meet they will each have their own story to tell...his ride is not a vacation. It is a lifestyle. "cuzz the road goes on forever and the party never ends".
You've all heard it said. Its been printed on t-shirts and made into patches.. " I road mine to trailer week". Its been the joke for years.. But I hope you remember, it has not always been that way.. It was more about the comaradery of the travelers.. Meeting up with old and new friends. 73 yrs ago Daytona bikeweek started. Laconia bikeweek (the oldest) will celebrate its 91st annual gathering this year.. Riders back then had a sense of adventure. They were self reliant and they pushed themselves and their machines to the edge of the extremes... That adventurous lifestyle has no tongue weight.. The motorcycle journey doesn't start in a box trailer and a plan is nothing more than the beginning of disappointment..

The Boot Hill Saloon is celebrating 40plus yrs.. It has become the cornerstone of Daytona bikeweek. The oldest biker bar in Daytona.. There is a reason that the sign out front says Boot Hill Saloon and Museum. Its that much of a legacy.. Another part of that legacy is the men and women who made that journey.. There are still quite a few who continue that tradition...

as I sit here in a cheap hotel room in Walcott Iowa, I think about those who came before me.. They got cold. They ran out of gas. They had mechanical break downs but yet they continued on where others would have turned back.. Its 4degrees with a windchill of -15. Roads are covered with snow and ice. but I know that in 4days I'll be amoungst my friends at The Boot Hill Saloon and Museum. Telling stories of the road. The people I encountered, the trials and tribulations that I endured.. I set out on this journey for several reasons. With The Boot Hill saloon, We wanted to celebrate the Riders.. It is that adventurous spirit that is the foundation of our lifestyle. And we wanted to raise awareness and funds for . A non- profit organization that I have been blessed to work with.. They do good things.. Please take a moment to look them up online and you will know what I mean...

years ago I was having a conversation with the owner and editor of a national motorcycle magazine. He said, "We are the keepers of this lifestyle's Legacy". I believe that to be true.. This ride isn't about me.. Only a handful of people had any interest in who I am.. But there have been many who have taken notice of what I'm doing.. And to me, that's the way it should be..
some folks get it... Some folks won't.. I'm ok with that...
until next time

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 5 - Woke up to 3" of snow but have to roll. Plenty of places to be and people to help. All 48 states is not going to be possible with these setbacks, so I will have to alter my route. Repairs were done and let the battery charge over night, so even though it's going to be cold, I'm hoping for a smooth ride. I hit Nebraska and was welcomed with a balmy 8 degrees.

Day 6 - I got the chance to stop at the Hillside Pub for a Got Wood moment and a chance to warm the bones. At least at this stop I had a sunggle buddy to help keep me warm. In the morning I'm off to Milwaukee.

Day 7 - I had to stop in West Branch, IA to change a sprocket but was able to get back on the road fairly quickly in comparison to the past few days. It's definitely been a very cold ride. The heated gear helps, but in these temps you just won't combat it completely. Once I reached Iowa it started to warm up a degree or two, but it looks like I may be heading for some more fresh snow. The Milwaukee fundraiser tomorrow will be a much welcome break.

Day 8  - Milwaukee, WI - 959 miles - Fundraiser in Denver for
Day 10 - Albany, NY - 906 miles
Day 11 - Baltimore, MD - 659miles
Day 12 - Sylva, NC - 697miles
Day 13 - Off
Day 14 - The Boot Hill Saloon, Daytona, FL - 569miles

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Day 1 - Monroe Louisiana - 800 miles
Day 2  - Dalhart, TX - 960 miles
Day 3  - Denver, CO - 345 miles - Fundraiser in Denver for
Day 4  - Cave Creek, AZ - 806 miles - Fundraiser in Denver for
Day 5  - McDermitt, OR - 937 miles
Day 6  - Red Lodge, MT - 997 miles - Possible fundraiser in Denver for
Day 7  - Newell, SD with a side trip to ND - 545 miles