Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight. Renegade Wheels

Renegade Wheels was founded on the premise of delivering to the world the best damn motorcycle wheels in the world. Quality product that ordinary people can afford, one bike at a time. Ultra custom forged billet motorcycle wheels. Designs that are 3D, 2D and Phantom-cut, these are fantastic looking wheels...Renegade Wheels also sells matching brake rotors, sprockets, belt drive pulleys and hidden axle kits.
One of the many things that I dig about their wheels is how the hub assemblies work. They are completely removable.. On my upcoming Pan Am Highway trip I will be carrying an extra wheel and hub assemblies just in case.. I will be able to put that rim on either front or back because of the removable hubs. This will save me from having to carry both a front and rear.
As a custom Wheel manufacture Renegade Wheels has become known as the go to company. You have seen their product all over the industry.. They are the manufactures of all the wheels for the theme bikes built for the TV show American Chopper and have done all the wheels for Paul Jr. Designs.
Oh ya,, Did I mention that this is an American Company making American Parts.???


  1. don, been enjoying the back story of these american motorcycle icons. ths for the education

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