Monday, April 23, 2012


You've heard the ole saying. "Any day on a MotorSickle is a good day". I say, BULLSHIT. Life on the couch is much easier. The couch doesn't add to the richness of your life but on the couch you seldom have to be concerned with weather or break-downs or encountering the foreskin that wants to convince you of how cool he is...
My travels have brought me into contact with some of the greatest people on Planet Earth and I cherish meeting these true souls.  These same travels have also brought me into contact with some of the most judgmental egomaniacs who have ever pushed a start button or lined up a kicker pedal. I AM guilty. I've done it myself. Let me explain... several years back, a small group of us were in Sturgis before the rally got "Officially" started. We knew that before the Rally would be our only good time to ride without all the traffic and we decided to go for a short ride. As luck would have it, Tom's gas petcock wouldn't let him go on reserve and I ran to Bel Fouche to get him some gas. As I pulled up to the gas station wearing my Chucks, a pair of shorts and a tank top I saw 50 completely Leathered motorcycle enthusiasts. from chaps to gusset gloves. This group was milling about the fuel island hydrating and bitching about the heat.. I got "the look" and I gave it but I held my tongue and rolled after getting some gas for my stranded friend. On the ride back to the group I was thinking about what I had encountered. "Posers". "Dressed for the Show". hell, they probably all had matching Dealership T-shirts.. While filling Tom's bike I shared with them what I had witnessed and suggested that we go another route. Now that all sounds innocent enough, right.?
I have often thought how I judged that group just by looking at the "cover of the book". What they were wearing, and why, had no bearing on what I was doing. I judged them and changed my route because of it.

What someone else wears or rides or how they act out or what they do for a living or how butt ugly his ole Lady is has no bearing on me. It doesn't effect me. Who am I to judge.? I shouldn't but yet I still do. I guess it's part of what makes us human. We are all flawed individuals. I'm the last guy who should try to figure out why people do some of the things that they do.. Hell, I still question some of my own past decisions. I will probably never understand why a guy would want a nitrous fed, 502 chevy v-8 powered motorcycle or build a gas tank to look like a horses head but how many times do we say, "what a douche". "I think it needs more lights on it".or a million other SNARKEY comments. I don't spend a lot of time scratching my head about such things. What does make me scratch my head is how judgmental we can All be..

as a side note.... I fully expect that  some bald dude who is envious of my full head of hair will be offended by my "head scratching" comment. such is life.

Until we meet again,

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