Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tennessee ticks and the US Government

A couple of days ago I was working in the back yard.. OK. Shit head. I'll rephrase... I was walking across the back yard to change the filter on the pool. This is a thing that I do quite often. This time though was different. As I walked into the house I had a small sharp pain close to my belly button... Once again, I found myself before my wife with my T-shirt up around my forehead... Honey...??? Yep. Sure as the world I had a Tick attached about an inch from my belly button.. My first thought was, " well, I believe you have bitten off more than you can chew." As I grabbed the little blood sucker and started to pull I realized,, " Hey, this fucker's got a pretty good grip". Then I started thinking about all the wisdom I have been given over the years about Ticks. It's amazing the volume of information that has been given without even a little coke-sing. as I went to the bathroom to get the petroleum jelly and the tweezers..." ""and the thought crossed my mind""".... This little fucker is just like our government... Of no consequence in my life and then without any prompting on my part, this insect has entered my life and now I must deal with it... Understand this... How I deal with this could have a profound effect on my life and by extension, my families life.

I'm not by any means a conspiracy theorist but there is a lot going on in our government that can not be simply explained. I do know this,,, our country can not sustain the path that it is on and if I need to I will cover my government with petroleum jelly until it can't breath and pulls its head out of my flesh.. Then I will pinch it's little head, toss it aside and drive on with what benefits my family, my friends and me.

by the way.... "Seven" dust from the garden store or Sulphur from the farm store sprinkled around the yard will rid the area of just about all the bugs... Chickens do a good job, too.


  1. Be careful. Watch for a rash. Tick fever is here. My MR. has just recovered from 10 days of illness caused by tick fever. (not Lyme disease which is worse). Seven dust is good stuff. Just be careful about your dog(s). Good story Don!

  2. great post, don. now i know why i have your bedroll banner on my blog. tell it like it is, mofo.