Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here is what I know to be true.

I don't know if Bin Laden is dead or alive. I don't know who he was or if he was created for a purpose. What I do know is how I felt when the media reported that he had been killed. I felt that another page had turned in our book of history. I continued to watch the broadcasts and then I saw Americans rejoicing. I pondered the moment. I have sat in a foxhole for days on end. I have trained with some of the most elite members of our military and the elite of 14 allied countries. I am and will always be a United States of America Army Infantry Soldier. I tell you this because I know that the only ones who celibrate the death of battle have not been there. I can not "Prove" this any more than I can prove that there is a God. My life exsperience has brought me to this point of understanding. I will tell you this,,,, Seal Team 6 did not High 5 and fist bump at missions end. They did not gather with many to celibrate or posture on the great things they had done. These modern day Warriors more than likely sat side by side in a helicopter without a word being said. I have to be honest here.. While watching the broadcast of our citizens celibrating I felt like we were behaving in a manner that was beneath us. What was it that America was celibrating.? We are yet to "Win" anything from this battle. A man, Evil as the Devil is dead. That is all. This might serve as closure for those that lost loved ones. It might mean something deep in us that justice and good has prevailed. But this ain't over by far.

I think the bigger issue that has come to light is our doubt in the "Trustworthyness" of our elected Government. I am not the typical conspiracy theorist. I'm not goonna fly off the handle and tell you it was all a cover-up or that Bin Laden has been dead sense 2001. Here is what I will tell you.... America is quickly loosing faith in its leadership. We have been lied too. We have heard too many broken promises. We have seen fiscal irresponsibility. Our government has sanctioned the drugging of Americans for the purpose of control and study. I am yet to talk with one person who doesn't have a story about how screwed up our Government is and in the next breath qualify that with the standard,, "But this is still the greatest country on Earth". I heard on CNN a couple of weeks ago that 70% of Americans are not happy with the direction our country is going in.... Hom much "Unlike" will it take for the People to stand up collectively and say "Enough is Enough". Can we do that.????  Can we as a Country deside on a set of goals.? Can we develop a 5 yr plan? Can we as a whole agree on 5 things that we need to fix in America? AND THEN,,, Can we elect the person to drive our plan down the road.???

Hows that for having a dream.? I highly doubt that the Powers that Be would allow such a thing to happen. The will of the People is no longer the Goal of our Government and that is why I no longer trust them.

I'll see you on the road.... PEACE&GREASE.

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