Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Is that a motorcycle or what?

I love motorcycles and most of what is accociated with them. I enjoy my version of the lifestyle and spending time with like minded people. I consider the time that I wrench on a bike to be a pleasure, not work. The time I spend on the saddle is all about therapy for me. This past weekend I went to the Atlanta Easyrider motorcycle show. I saw some friends at the Limpnicke lot and we spent some time catching up with each other and talking about the projects we each have going on. These guys had thier bikes on display and the banner above them was correct. "The next Generation of cool". These bike builders have figured out that cool comes in many shapes and styles.
I took a walk around the show to see what others were doing in the bike building universe and I was amazed. The first thing that cought my eye was the back of a Harley Davidson that had some fiberglass or plastic on it that had been molded to resemble the claws of a bird. WTF..? As I walked to the side scratching my head, I was amazed to see that the builder had continued the bird motif with some 3 foot long molded feathers and paint. The detail was very impressive. I got to the front of the bird to find a reproduction of an eagles head sticking 18 inches out from the fairing. I got a bit of vomit in my mouth as I considered the volume of mind altering acid that a person would have to take to consider any part of that thing to be cool. This was not the exception but the rule. I saw some shit that didn't even come close to being cool. I saw what must have been a 32 inch front tire on a bagger. I saw a thing that had a chrome skull headlight and a chromed skeleton of a backbone and ribs mounted above a gas tank. And I saw enough LED lights placed on bikes to burn a fellers eye balls.
I am no athority but I know what I like. Cool to me can be covered with just the basic of parts. It is the builder that can take those basic parts and do something special with them that embodies cool to me. So go ahead and build your theme bikes and pay for the Orange County Choppers t-shirt, Wrap it in all the LED lights you can get your hands on. Dress in all the newest fashion and a set of leathers in the 100 degree heat. Stand beside your bike and act like you have made it to the world series. I'll stand back and watch. With a smile on my face and a chunk of last nights dinner easing up my throat, I will give you what you are do, Nothing. PEACE & GREASE.

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