Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The greatest wreck of my life.

The end of August, 2010 I sat out on an epic journey that would place me in 16 states over a three week period. I left out of middle Tennessee with a first destination of Milwaukee. Some crazy cats that I had met at Sturgis were having their semi-annual Shed party and I felt inclined to introduce them to some of the finest Tennessee moonshine white liquer I have ever made. I spent an afternoon at the Harley Museum and then two nights partyin' with some of the greatest people on planet earth. The moodshine flowed like wine and there were some friendships that were forged by the time we shared together.. Next stop, Minniapolis to see a man called Kevin (Teach) Baas. a few beers, some good conversation and a good nights sleep was just what my body and soul needed. In the morning, I went to Kennedy High school where Teach works with a class of kids building some fine chops and bobs. It was good to see the setup that was teaching the next generation of coolness. The cold was setting in so I decided to reroute my trip. Originally, I was planning on heading west and carving up the Black Hills but because of the temp. drop I decided to blaze my trail south.. Next stop, Kansas City. I met a man at the 2010 Big Mountain Run named Wes Hackett whom lives in K.C. We have spent alot of time and miles together this year. Dinner,drinks and some legend building with Wes and his lovely wife then a couch nap and I was ready for the Santa Fe Trail. Next stop, Dodge City, Kansas then on to the Contenental divide for the fourth time this year. Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado was in full color and a short stop at the top reminded me of how cold colorado snow is. on through Durango and the loop around the four corners it was time for me to start making tracks to meet up with some people in Phoenix. Long Jon and Pinky Barwood are two of the greatest people on planet earth. I have spent time this year with them in Montana, South Dakota, Ohio and two weeks at my house in Tennessee. I stayed with them until Shelly, my wife, flew in for her fall break from teaching. Me and the wife decided to take a quick trip up to the Grand Canyon. Riding through Prescott, Jerome and Sedona on our way to Flagstaff was some of the finest riding that I have ever exsperienced. The Grand Canyon was, well Grand but we hit it like the Griswalds and shagged back down to Phoenix for a bike night we were to meet some more friends at. Our weekend plan was to ride to Tombstone for Helldorado days. Ten of us loaded up and headed south. When we hit Tucson we were assaulted by the worse dust storm I have ever been in but this group of hooligans pressed on. We arrived at Tombstone to be greeted by George The Painter standing on a four lane road stopping traffic and directing us into The Porn Compound. Our digs for the weekend. Somehow, that night, we consumed over 2 gallons of moonshine and learned all kinds of new things about each other.. We rode, We ate, We drank, We talked. We hugged and laughed. We sang and we danced. After a great weekend with good friends and some of the coolest bikes known to man, it was time to head back towards Phoenix. Interstate 10 exit 263 northbound. our group of 9 hit a pothole in the road. My first indication of a problem was when I saw Robert Pinner and his knucklehead bounce 18 inches above the ground 30 feet in front of me. The next thought that went through my mind as I was sliding down the exit ramp on my stomach at 65 mph was, "I need to get Shelly out of the road befor she is run over".What a helpless feeling it is when someone you love is getting hurt right befor your eyes.Our friends took ove our lives at that point. ALL THINGS WERE TAKEN CARE OF. Let me explain. As we lay in the trauma unit, our friends arainged for Jack Shit to bring a Trailer to get our totalled bike and trailer. All of our gear was secured. Our daughter was called and comforted. They even called the airline to get an exstension on my wifes flight ticket. I can tell you, I know some of the greatest people on planet earth. We were released from the hospital and Jack took us to his house where he and his lovely wife, Diane, gave us aid and comfort for 2 days as we got our bearing. My wife flew back home to Tennessee and I stayed in Phoenix with Long jon and Pinky for a few more days. I ended up renting a u-haul and driving all my broke shit back to Tennessee. We are healing. I have issues with my right shoulder and both my ankles but we both know that we have been blessed to come through this with no more than the severe beating that we sustained. Some non riders that we know asked if we are going to sell the bike and went so far as to say that they were sorry that the wreck had ruined our trip.. And my lovely wife said.... " That was the greatest wreck of my life".

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  1. Well I'm glad to hear that your both OK and your right..you were with some of the best people you could ever hope to be friends with! Get well soon you big Ox...Roadside