Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 8 - When I woke in West Branch, IA my first order of business was to address the positive post on my battery which had melted. With the help of a friend from the day prior, we went to his shop, found an extra car battery, and rewired the bike to accept the battery. By 11:00 in the morning I was on the road, but it wouldn't be for very long. By the time I reached Walcott, IA around 3:00, I had received notice from my folks in Milwaukee that the snow was starting in force all over again and that my visit would be buried in a blanket of white. The temperature in Walcott when I stopped was 10 degrees and no sooner did I begin to unload my bike than the snow began drifting. I would rest for the day in my meager hotel room and see what tomorrow brings.

Day 9 - From my hotel room I could see the interstate and it was moving at less than a snail's pace. The snow was still thick and roads not clear enough to be safe. I waited until late morning and it didn't seem to be letting up and as I learned the New England area was no better and more snow to come. So it would seem that I would sit still again this day. My hope is great that tomorrow I'll be able to move on through IL, IN, OH, and maybe even PA to MD.

Despite the trials and slow downs, I know that this journey is all about our veterans that have given so much for us and I look forward to the last 4 days until I can celebrate this great adventure with my brethren back in Daytona.

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