Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 5 - Woke up to 3" of snow but have to roll. Plenty of places to be and people to help. All 48 states is not going to be possible with these setbacks, so I will have to alter my route. Repairs were done and let the battery charge over night, so even though it's going to be cold, I'm hoping for a smooth ride. I hit Nebraska and was welcomed with a balmy 8 degrees.

Day 6 - I got the chance to stop at the Hillside Pub for a Got Wood moment and a chance to warm the bones. At least at this stop I had a sunggle buddy to help keep me warm. In the morning I'm off to Milwaukee.

Day 7 - I had to stop in West Branch, IA to change a sprocket but was able to get back on the road fairly quickly in comparison to the past few days. It's definitely been a very cold ride. The heated gear helps, but in these temps you just won't combat it completely. Once I reached Iowa it started to warm up a degree or two, but it looks like I may be heading for some more fresh snow. The Milwaukee fundraiser tomorrow will be a much welcome break.

Day 8  - Milwaukee, WI - 959 miles - Fundraiser in Denver for
Day 10 - Albany, NY - 906 miles
Day 11 - Baltimore, MD - 659miles
Day 12 - Sylva, NC - 697miles
Day 13 - Off
Day 14 - The Boot Hill Saloon, Daytona, FL - 569miles

Keep sharing the charity ride info and be sure to support the cause at


Day 1 - Monroe Louisiana - 800 miles
Day 2  - Dalhart, TX - 960 miles
Day 3  - Denver, CO - 345 miles - Fundraiser in Denver for
Day 4  - Cave Creek, AZ - 806 miles - Fundraiser in Denver for
Day 5  - McDermitt, OR - 937 miles
Day 6  - Red Lodge, MT - 997 miles - Possible fundraiser in Denver for
Day 7  - Newell, SD with a side trip to ND - 545 miles

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