Monday, July 23, 2018

Getting from A to B.

On May 14th of 1804 Lewis and Clark departed Camp Dubois (Camp Wood) just north of St Louis, Mo. Their main goal was to find a water passage to the Pacific Ocean. Lewis was 29yrs old and Clark, 33. On 8 Aug. 1805 they reached the headwaters of the Missouri River at Three Forks, Mt. 16 months, covering 2,464 miles, traveling the longest river in America UPSTREAM.

A short trip ain't my thing and I'd much rather, when it comes to water, go with the flow.
Mid August I will be in Great Falls Montana to build The raft that will transport us downstream to the Mississippi River. I will be accompanied by my "second in command". 2nd Lieutenant Frederica Carter from Alabama. a bitch dog of the Southern Blackmouth Cur breed.
 After the assembly of our raft, we will be shuttled 160miles south to The Missouri River Headwaters State Park where we will start our journey by canoe. ( I do not wish to ride a raft through the waterfalls and carrying a canoe around is preferable to dragging a raft).

YES.. There is a PURPOSE.

Veterans Dignity Project Inc.
A 501c-3 non profit organization was formed to improve the lives of Veterans. We have defined two ways to do that. Come See.... and Go Tell.

This journey is about Go Tell.
Educating the general public about the problems facing OUR Veterans is part of the solution. My goal is to have that conversation. As Some of you might know, I have a story to tell. My time dealing with the Veterans Administration has given me a first hand understanding of some of these problems. Soapbox preaching ain't my thing but I have no problem with town hall meetings, interviews, rallys and any other place where people are gathered.

This journey is also about raising funds to grow this outreach program. It is my plan to acquire the equipment necessary to set up our mobile operation. A large military style tent. a propane cooking griddle. coolers. cooking supplies and other support equipment.

How can YOU help.?
Spread the word. Share our information with your friends and family. Get involved. We have but two purposes in this life. To Give and To Grow. This is what is right and Honorable.
If you live within a reasonable distance of the Missouri River, reach out to me. Lets brainstorm some ideas about how to gather a crowd.

If you would like to financially support our efforts,
PAYPAL. Veterans Dignity Project Inc.
(this journey is being funded out of my pocket, not by contributions)

Thank you in advance for your time, support and consideration.

Don Wood