Friday, April 8, 2016

Ramblings of a Wanderer.


Greetings from a comfy couch... I have the house of a friend to myself and I thought I should write a bit about what's going on.. Someday, I might want to revisit these times in my life...

I started out on the Appalachian Trail at Amicalola Falls, Ga. a few weeks ago.. Why.? you might ask.. Why not fix your motorcycle and get back into the wind.? I love motorcycles... they, and the people who ride them have been apart of the majority of my life.. I could, with a small amount of effort, rebuild Ole Glory and be back to twisting the throttle and Seeing the world at 80mph. And someday, I will again.. When I ride, I am consumed. There is no white noise in my head. I'm focused on the task of staying alive.. Very little else enters my mind. The sound of my machine. The whistle of the wind as a blast of hot air hits me broadside and I lean the machine to maintain a straight line..  The condition of the road. The weather. The gas gauge. At around 90mph my vision becomes tunneled. There are no more fence posts or highline poles. It is magical and I do love the feeling... But......
When I'm on the road, thats ALL I think about. It is The Great Escape.. and  right now in my life I really need to concentrate. Thats why I decided to go for a walk about... Things look different at foot speed and you have time to explore. Yes. the scenery in the wilderness is amazing but that is not the only exploration I'm doing...

Some know that I checked in to the Dublin Ga. VA on 12/21/15. Sense that time I have been concentrating on learning everything I can about PTSD, Its effects and the way the Veterans Administration is operating.. Prior to Dec. 2015, I had had Zero dealings with the VA. I did not know anything more than what the general public knew... I have learned a lot so far, but I have only scratched the surface. I am currently going through Congressional investigations on three separate issues regarding the VA. As I've said before, I found my Why.. that is to Glorify my God.. I have found my What... To Honor our Veterans with Dignity by effecting change in the Veterans Administration through educating the public.... That is why I am founding "The Veterans Dignity Project". Soon to be a 501c3 recognized non profit...

 Our Mission Statement.....

.....To fulfill President Lincoln's promise “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan” by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s Veterans.. Our Mission statement is the same as The Veterans Administration...

So now,, I have my Why... I have my What... Now I spend my time considering the possibilities... What can I do to effect change..? Thats the question that I keep chewing on.. And I'm confident that by the end of hiking the Appalachian Trail, I will have formed a clear picture of my vision.. I have been mulling over different possibilities and have had some "light bulb moments". 

I saw a video the other day.. It was of a Vermont State Police Troop doing 22 push-ups in recognition of the 22 Veterans who take their own lives, each day in America.. Think about that for a second... Could 22 push-ups help a Veteran.? Yes. Because it sheds light on the issue.. Do you know why 22 Veterans a day commit suicide in the USA.??  Would you do 22 push ups to save a Veteran.?  It's not about the push-ups.. Its about addressing an issue. The issue is this... President Lincoln's promise is not being fulfilled...

It takes people to effect change... 
Our Government still answers to The People.. The problem as I see it, is that the general public has no idea what is going on... Nor their responsibility to honor a commitment that was given to every American Service Member. As Americans, We owe a debt to the men and woman who have served Our Country. I don't think many would deny that truth.. The solution is simple.... START THE CONVERSATION. Be the nucleus of change. Write an e-mail to your Congressman. Become INVOLVED.

I still battle my demons Daily. I'm convinced that until some of these demons are tamed, my integration back into society is not an option.. Yes, I could do it, but it would again be but a short time until that would crumble.. I've lived that cycle too many times.. I will continue on my journey. Seeking the healing of my mind and body.. Planning for a future. Dealing with the past.. And educating  myself and others . 

Motorcycles are still in my heart and blood.. I will get back to that as soon as I can. When I do, I will be riding for a better reason. I think it will be more enjoyable to ride in a direction instead of away from something. 

Thanks for your time.


  1. Read USA Today.....they caught the VA in AZ I believe it was, fudging documents that said they didn't make people wait. When in fact they did and some died while waiting too! You should find it and read it. May have some good contact info in the article! :)

  2. Don your a hell of a man. You be safe out there keep this blog up to date brother. Peace and grease

  3. Don your a hell of a man. You be safe out there keep this blog up to date brother. Peace and grease

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  5. Are you still selling the bed rolls? I'd love one.

  6. Thank you for doing something to bring attention to both the VA, and the 22 suicides a day by our brethren....Each squeaky wheel might not make much noise by itself, but thousands of squeaky wheels will eventually be loud enough for SOMEONE high up to take notice.