Friday, April 25, 2014

part two... Beyond the Bundy ranch.

there has been so much mid information that we as Americans, don't know what to believe anymore..
I talked with a local woman and her mother. They were bringing water in 200gallon tanks for cooking and cleaning..we were talking about the $1.1mil fine that the government says the Bundys owe.. Here is her explanation.
when the BLM counts the cattle on an alotment, the count from the air and they count them all.. About half the cattle in the Bundy herd are not Bundys. She called them slick ears. Cattle with no brand, no ear tags no ownership. These cows have been wild on the open range. The state of Nevada has claimed ownership of the wild animals. A rancher cannot sell cattle that they do not own. The federal government is including the wild cows into the Bundy count and charging them fines for the tresspass cattle...
there are people who feel that they should pay their fines to the Federal government. I disagree. This family has seen the federal government systematically put ALL the other ranchers out of business.. A total of 53 ranching operations closed down. The ranchers of this area are a hearty lot.. They have whittled out a life in the middle of nowhere. The Bundys raise cows, horses, lamb, chickens, melons and 6-8 cuttings of alfalfa a year. And they raise kids.. 14 in all. Cliven married a second time after his first wife past from cancer. A family of the Mormon faith, a teatotaler and a man who is well respected by the community.
I witnessed a group of over 100 men armed and dedicated to the cause. These men and women belonged to The Oathkeepers and different malitias from all across America.. These people are resolute in their mission.. that mission is this, protect the Bundys from assassination and to protect the sovereignty of The State. No one that I talked to came across as the crazy who wants to send the first bullet.. These people have studied the generational disolve of our State rights.. I heard this quote several times. " if there be trouble let it be in my day that my children will know peace". Tomas Payne, A Revolutionist.... This is not just a Nevada issue.. It is happening all over the country. Look at the red river area of texas/Oklahoma. There is no better Stewart of the land than the man who lives on it...

more to follow.

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  1. good report Sir, let's pray it doesn't turn into a SITREP