Monday, January 20, 2014

Boot Hill Saloon. Veterans Support Fund. Press Release

Boot Hill Saloon celebrates over 40 years as the oldest biker saloon in Daytona Beach, FL. Boot Hill Saloon was founded in 1973 across from The Pinewood Cemetery on Main St. They have become a huge part of the motorcycle culture and people from all corners of the globe have made the trek to be a part of the history that is Boot Hill Saloon. For over 70 years men and women alike have ridden their motorcycles to gather in Daytona Beach. For over 40 years they have stopped into Boot Hill Saloon for the camaraderie and a cold drink.

 To celebrate this milestone, The Boot Hill Saloon has partnered with Don Wood, The legendary Bootlegger from the hit TV show Moonshiners. On February 21st Don will be leaving the Boot Hill Saloon in Daytona on a 10,000 mile journey to visit all 48 states on a charity ride for The Veterans Support Fund (a Non-profit Organization). The ride will have a few designated stops along the way for others to join him on his journey.  "I can only imagine how difficult the journey was 40 years ago". Said Wood. "They traveled with their wits and desires. Without knowledge of where the next gas station was or where they could find help along the way". Don will complete his journey by returning to  The Boot Hill on or about March 6 for the beginning of Daytona Bikeweek .

 Karin Gehris, Owner of The Boot Hill Saloon said, "This is our way of celebrating "The Riders" who are the history and the heartbeat of our Saloon". The owner went on to say, "it's only natural for us to team up with The Veterans Support Fund charity because so many of the riders served this great Country before we served them". 

"I first got to know of The Veterans Support Fund through Willies Tropical Tattoo's semi-annual Chopper Show in Daytona. "said Don Wood. Few people know that these events are actually a fundraiser for The Veterans Support Fund.. Wood went on to say, "sinse that day I have been involved with this organization on eight different events.. I believe in these people and all that they are doing.. I have seen the positive affect that this organization has had on Our Veterans and active duty military".

All funds raised go directly to The Veterans Support Fund. Don Wood's ride is being funded by private and public business sponsors.

Founded to serve current, past, and wounded U.S. military soldiers and ensure that they are
appreciated, loved and never forgotten.
After years of service to our country, many soldiers and veterans feel forgotten and worse are denied benefits or cannot afford life’s necessities. Whether they are in a veterans nursing home, have just gotten out of a hospital with injuries, or are on current deployment far from home and loved ones, the Veterans Support Fund insures that people are reminded … Freedom is not Free and that all American soldiers, both past and present, deserve our support.
Whether the needs are physical, mental, or monetary, the Veterans Support Fund is there. From a veteran at a nursing home being denied a prosthetic leg, or providing entertainment in the form of concerts to troops stationed overseas, to making sure that veterans have money for bingo and a meal out, the Veterans Support Fund makes sure none of these soldiers are forgotten.

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  2. Quite a challenge Don ~ a great cause ~ Godspeed my fren...
    Charley Rocsan (aka Rock Guthrie)