Thursday, October 11, 2012

FTW... Find Tom Whiley.

I can't make this shit up... Stories evolve and all I can do is share... I asked the question. I asked it of someone who might know. my question was this... What does FTW mean..??? The answer was more than I expected.. Forever Two Wheels.... Fuck the World... For The Win... The answer I got was   Find Tom Whiley... WTF.??? Ya. thats what I heard... Find Tom Whiley...

Seems that there was a man named Tom Whiley who had ratted on his friends and he became a wanted man... He didn't understand that there were some things that are sacred and should only be discussed in hushed tones, behind closed doors, and then only amongst the trusted few... Tom Whiley became the hunted... He was a rat and as a vermin, needed to be taken out....

As the story goes,,,, People in that inner circle began to tag themselves... FTW became a stamp. Its meaning was simply this.. I'm looking for the rat. Find Tom Whiley.

(side note.. Is this where the common saying came from. "he is a Whiley guy" came from.???) same time frame as whiley coyote..

ya.. thats some true shit... Amazing.

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