Thursday, July 19, 2012

Soon to be.

Time is clicking by and I've still got a thousand things to do. I'm preparing for the annual migration to Sturgis but as usual, I'm not going straight to the Black Hills. Last year I left for Sturgis from Mountainfest in WV. The year before was a trip up the continental divide to Beartooth pass and Red Lodge MT.
This year I'll be working The Iowa Grand Rally in Newton, Iowa with my dear friend Jay Allen. I'll be leaving out Saturday night for around 45days on the road. Packing for these trips is something I really hate to do.. too many choices to make.. I went for a ride last week and I packed nothing.. I mean nothing. not a change of clothes, not a shower kit. not even a hair brush. I bought a toothbrush at a gas station.. that was a wonderful three days of riding. But this is a different kind of trip.. I'm at the point on my packing list where I really need to take the truck and haul the bike.. I don't want to take the truck but I've got products to sell.. Bedrolls, T-shirts and other items that I could sell and make some money on this trip.. I don't know what I'll do. I guess I'll make that choice on Saturday
.After Iowa I have around 4 days to roll into The Thunder Dome in Sturgis. Sunday morning at 10am is the Sugar Bear/ Michael Lichter ride.. I'm not gonna miss this one.. I'm really lookin forward to seeing some people that have, through the years, become part of my family..  from Sturgis I'll be heading west to check out the speed scene at Bonneville. I'm looking forward to seeing those cats too.. There is one Hillbilly in particular that I want to see get a few more land speed records.. Wink Eller is a Ruler..
After Bonneville I'm gonna do a slow roll threw the Rocky's and spend some time with my mile high friends..
I'm looking at the above picture and trying to figure out how I can load it all on there.. I'll figure something out..

until we meet again..

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