Sunday, December 26, 2010

The longest road. part 3

Big Mountain Run 2010 was an event put on by Cycle Source Magazine. This event started with a pre party at Wicked Willies Choppers in Taylorsville NC. I met the owner, Wayne, and he welcomed me. I am not an introvert by any means but I do see the logic of evaluating a situation. I knew absolutely no one at this party. Time would change that. I met a man that night that I have come to know as a friend. His name is Wes Hackett. In the morning we gathered up and set out to the Harley store in Statesville to meet up with some folks that were gonna ride with us. I don't know the total count but there was around 60 bikes total. We set off like a band of Gypsy's heading to Wheels through Time motorcycle museum in Maggie Valley. We were welcomed by the staff as if we were family. This was my first trip to the museum and I was overwhelmed by the volume of artifacts in this place. I was so amazed, I would find myself back there 4 more times this year. But lets get back to that one night. Imagine 60 plus bikes rolling in to a parking lot. Imagine within one hour a tent city is set up. Some went into the museum. Some went for food. Some went for drinks. Some started the bonfire. I laid a blanket out on the ground and talked some chic into rubbing my back. The backrub was nice but the ridicule was priceless. We all gathered round the bonfire and some heavy drinks. A joyous time was had by all. In the morning everyone started loading out. A few who had imbibed a bit much decided to take a dip in the creek to cure their hangovers. The days ride would lead threw the Tail of the Dragon and the Cherohala Skyway.   I was towing my pop up camper behind the bike. I had been on both the upcoming roads so I decided to take a different route to the Hiawassee campground. A wonderful day of riding in the mountains with a hangover that would have killed Popcorn Sutton, I made  my way to a liquor store and a grocery store. At the campground I was cooking steaks, taters and pasta salad when everyone came riding in.. And the ridicule began. One of the advantages of a camper is you have room to tote a stove and a cooler. I was envied by more than a few. There were probably around 150 people in attendance. I have to say that I met some of the greatest people on planet earth. I could tell you what all we did. I could tell you of all the shenanigans. I could tell you of the white water rafting with a group of cats out of WV. or about the mini bike races and an official wedding that we had. but my words would not do justice to the event. I can say this, If you desire to understand this way of life, get yourself a subscription to Cycle Source and make it to the next event.
Earlier I mentioned a cat by the name of Wes Hackett. I have known some highly deranged individuals befor but this cat takes the cake. For some reason me and him forged a bond that kept us up till daylight every day of BMR. We met up later in the year in Santa Rosa, NM. and then rode across country on The Long Road. I've been to his house in Kansas City about 6 times. I met him in WV at a benefit for one of the guys we met at BMR. and he came to my house in Tennessee and for a week, he tried to drink all my moonshine. I've slept on his couch and he has slept with my dog. I tell ya. If ya have scooters in your heart. get on a scooter and ride, you will find the people that you will call friend for the rest of your life.  
until next time.... PEACE & GREASE 

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